• Dehydrated Sourdough Starter


    25 grams of organic dehydrated sourdough starter ! With our easy rehydration steps, you will be able to bake a yummy loaf of bread in just 5 days! Comes with Rubber Band to track the growth of your new, bubbly starter.  

  • Dehydrated Sourdough Starter Kit for Beginners *NEW*


    The beginner’s sourdough kit includes everything you need to start your sourdough journey. Inside you’ll find 25gm of dehydrated sourdough starter, our new printed Starting the Starter Guide which includes rehydration instructions and my beginner sourdough loaf recipe, as well as 3 of my most popular discard recipes. Also included is one hand sewn jar cover with some of our most popular prints, designed to fit both regular mouth mason jars and wide mouth mason jars, intended to cover your sourdough starter so it can both breath while fermenting and stay covered.

    I designed this kit with the beginner baker in mind. It is my hope to take the scary out of sourdough.

    Happy Baking! xo Courtney