Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Courtney! Wild for Jesus, my husband and our 3 babies. We homeschool, hike and have learned to grow food in a tiny backyard. My goal is to help you find joy and be productive wherever you are and make sourdough a little less scary.

When I first started my sourdough bread journey, the internet was my best friend. I didn’t buy any courses or participate in any classes. I learned everything I know by watching videos, following like-minded accounts on social media, reading blogs and following easy, beginner friendly recipes. Which bloomed into my desire for this space. A place to learn, make mistakes, learn some more, and encourage you to have fun on your own journey of learning to bake bread. There is just nothing that says “I love you” like a freshly baked loaf of bread.


A Warm Slice of Comfort – Always Hand-Crafted with Love

Welcome to Acts of Sourdough, where every slice of bread is a journey of flavor, texture, and dollops of love. We’re not your average breadmakers; we’re a passionate team of adventurous baking bloggers who believe that breaking that fluffy, light loaf of bread is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Our passion for baking stems from a deep appreciation of the little things in life, like the smell of fresh pantry bread or the satisfying sound of a crusty slice being bitten into. 

 You don’t have to be a homemaker, homeschooler, or homesteader to learn how to make bread; all you need is some flour, some love, and a little bit of inspiration!

Where we came from

Acts of Sourdough came to fruition after a nasty case of the flu. I had been baking bread for over a year and the joy it would bring me to serve my family bread at dinner was something I wanted everyone to experience. I was scheduled to set up at a local homeschool fair and sell some dehydrated sourdough and chocolate chip cookies, when I came down with the awful flu. It was my first time selling anything sourdough related and I was so excited, but thought there was no way I would get it all prepped in time. After several nights of rest, and my husband doing all the dehydrating and packaging, the day came and I felt so much better. It’s at that fair where I first realized the desire others had to learn to bake sourdough. I was so grateful to be able to share this joy with others, that I went home and prayed that the Lord would make a way to make this real. The bible verse Acts 2:46 landed on my heart instantly – “they broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts”.

Acts. Of. Sourdough. Which is also a play on words to “Acts Of Service”.     

I’m happy you’re here, and I hope to serve this space well.

Courtney Moody
The Owner
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